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RIXIN Medical | Some cars are always going retrograde!

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It is specially used in negative pressure ambulances to avoid the leakage of polluted air in the car, and to purify the internal air and discharge it to protect the environment outside the car. It is a safe device.

In the face of this new coronavirus, we can all see the bitterness of medical staff. A large number of infected people need to be transferred to large hospitals with better medical conditions for isolation. The virus spreads fast and can pass from person to person. It is necessary to use a negative pressure ambulance with "isolation, anticorrosion, ventilation, and bacteria resistance" to ensure that the external environment is free from pollution.


What is a negative pressure ambulance? Compared with ordinary ambulances, the biggest difference between negative pressure ambulances and ordinary ambulances is that they are equipped with negative pressure equipment, so that the air pressure inside the car is lower than the outside atmospheric pressure to achieve "negative pressure isolation". The air is filtered and sterilized and discharged out of the vehicle.

The negative pressure design can control the virus within a limited range. Through the negative pressure exhaust purification device, the air pressure in the cabin is lower than the outside atmospheric pressure. When the air flows, it can only flow from the high pressure side outside the vehicle to the low pressure side in the cabin, which accelerates the ventilation in the cabin. The ventilation filter device adopts an integrated design to facilitate disinfection. It can effectively reduce the diffusion of infectious biological factors in the cabin and the damage to the environment caused by the diffusion to the outside. Negative pressure ambulance purification device Negative pressure ambulance purification device is one of the indispensable devices in the installation of negative pressure ambulance. The ordinary ambulance equipped with the device can be quickly upgraded to a negative pressure ambulance with a negative pressure isolation function after simple transformations such as circuit connection and enhanced compartment sealing. The method adopts an integrated design, which integrates the functions of power exhaust, high-efficiency air filtration, ultraviolet sterilization, negative pressure monitoring and alarm. The filtration efficiency of the device was detected by using physical aerosol and viral aerosol respectively; after the device was running normally, the negative pressure value of the ambulance patient room was measured by the micro-pressure sensor; air times.


Working principle of negative pressure ambulance It makes the air pressure inside the car lower than the atmospheric pressure outside the car, so that the air can only flow from the outside to the inside of the car, and the air in the car is sterilized and discharged, so that a fixed air is formed in the negative pressure cabin. In the flow field area, the air flows from the clean area (medical staff area) to the infection source area (patient area), and the air pressure in the negative pressure cabin is between -10Pa~-120Pa, which minimizes the dead angle and eddy current of the air flow.

In terms of airflow control in the car, clean air enters the car from above and is discharged from the bottom of the car, which can try to ensure that the air at the head of the medical staff is clean and sterile, while the air at the patient's lying position is polluted Yes, as the exhaust and filter devices are exhausted to the outside of the car, the air exhausted to the outside of the car is filtered, which is also clean and sterile air.

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