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YDC-3F Ambulance Folding Stretcher

Used in hospital or emergency center to transport patient.
  • YDC-3F

  • Red Leaf

  • 94029000

Technical features:

1. The main material is high-strength aluminum alloy.

2. The height of whole stretcher can be adjusted in more than 4 positions, is convenient

    for CPR operation.

3. The stretcher adopts separated structure. The upper part can be as a simple stretcher.

4. A safety switch is arranged on the stretcher to prevent mis-operation.

5. The locking mechanism is operated by front and rear handles, it must be fixed with 

    fixed device when loading onto the Ambulance.

6. The mattress is made of wear-resistant mesh cloth, concave shape, with a thickness 

    of 10cm and disposable welding, flame retardant and waterproof.

7. This stretcher use F03 one-piece fixed device.

8. Loading height: 64cm        Wheel size: Φ150mm.

9.  Unfolded Size: 197 x 56 x 93cm (High position)           197 x 56 x 37cm (Low position)

     Packing Quantity: 1                                                        Packing Size: 204 x 61 x 52cm


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