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R-USW-50 Ultrashort Wave Therapy Apparatus

  • R-USW-50

  • Red Leaf

  • 94029000

Features :

  1. The product utilizes an extremely high frequency vibration electromagnetic wave (40.68MHz) that can penetrate clothing or skin, enter deep intohuman tissues, and transmit heat energy to the interior of the human body.

  2. It has the effects of improving blood circulation, eliminating inflammation, accelerating tissue growth and repair, relieving pain, reducing muscle tension, and relieving muscle spasms.

  3. It adopts LCD color screen display, with clear interface display and more convenient button settings.

  4. Balanced transmission lines and electrodes have low electromagnetic radiation to both doctors and patients.

  5. Automatic tuning, the patient's posture can be freely adjusted, making it feel more comfortable.

Specification :

  1. Input voltage: 220V

  2. Working frequency: 40.68MHz

  3. Maximum output power: 50W

  4. Time setting: 1-30min

  5. Multiple electrode options

  6. Safety devices: Over-current protection, overheating protection



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