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RLS-65(Single)/RLS-66(Double) Shock Wave Therapy Apparatus

  • RLS-65/RLS-66

  • Red Leaf

  • 94029000

Product Introduction :

The ballistic-type shock wave produced by the bullet body ramming treatment probe driven by compressed air ACTS on the body, producing cavitation effect, piezoelectric effect, metabolic effect and analgesic effect, which can relax the adhesion between tissues, improve microcirculation and metabolism, improve cell activity, improve cell activity and alleviate pain. It is suitable for the adjuvant treatment of periarthritis of shoulder, epicondylitis of humerus and tendinitis.

Indications : 

1. Epicondylitis Humeri Radialis               2. Tendinosis calcarea                3. Epicondylitis Humeri Ulanris

4. Bursitis Trochanterical                          5. Patella Tip Syndrome             6. Tibialis Anterior Syndrome

7. Achillodynia                                          8. Fasciitis Plantaris                    9. Chronic Enthesopathies

10. Acupuncture Points                           11. Painful Trigger Points

Specification : 

1. Power input: AC100/240V, 50/60Hz

2. Power consumption: 250VA

3. Dimensions: 47(W)46(D)110(H)cm

4. Weight: 30kg

System Composition : 

Handpiece               1pc/2pc

Ultra Sound Gel       1pc

Foot Switch              1pc


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