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JS-02 Plastic Roll Stretcher

It is suitable for large-scale transportation of the wounded.
  • JS-02

  • Red Leaf

  • 94029000

Technical features :

1. The stretcher is designed for horizontal and vertical evacuation of the wounded, and used in wild snow, naval military, mining and construction industries, small space rescue in factories.

2. The X-shaped red and green seat belts are used to secure the chest, the yellow seat belts are used to secure the injured person's feet, and the four black straps on top are mainly used to wrap the injured person into shape, suitable for their body shap.

3. Equipped with four tubular plastic handles on both sides for easy lifting of injured personnel.

4. Equipped with a climbing buckle and additional traction rope on the head, making it convenient for users to drag the stretcher.

5. Equipped with a sling loop buckle, it can be connected to an airplane or a crane. Four climbing buckles and four secondary safety belts on the sling are connected to the stretcher, ensuring safety and reliability.

4. Unfolded Size: 250 x 100cm

    Packing Quantity: 1

    Packing Size: 102 x 32 x 32cm


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