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HMB-70 Hydrotherapy Massage Bed

Setting it up as one of the sections of body part.
  • HMB-70

  • Red Leaf

  • 94029000

Technical features :

1. 12-Kind spraying patterns included.

2. 6-step water pressure with 4.5bar at maximum.

3. Excellent thermal effect up to 37℃.

4. Setting it up as one of the sections of body part (whole body, shoulder, upper part, waist, down part).

5. Nozzle moving distance: 120cm(maximum).

Technical parameters :

1. Power source: AC 220V/50Hz

2. Usage Amount: 300L

3. Usage time: 1~30 minute

4. Water used: Tap water + Anti-corrosion solution

5. Spraying pattern: 12 pattern

6. Max Power Consumption: 3800VA

7. LCD Monitor: 10.2 inch

8. Unfolded size: 244×99×49cm

9. Sheet size: 190×69cm

10. Weight: 200kg


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