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RXY-60S Chinese Drug Fumigate Treater

This machine is used with Chinese drug, for the physical fumigation treatment of bone and joint diseases, soft tissue injury and skin diseases etc.
  • RXY-60S

  • Red Leaf

  • 94029000

This machine heats Chinese drug in pot to produce medical steam with medicine ion that makes the skin and points of the body absorb the ion and open capillary vessel, improve micro cycle, relax the bone, abirritation and flex the articulation. 

Rheumatic Disease: rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, intervertebral discprotrusion, sequela of apoplexy, chronic pain on backwaist & legs, neck and should syndrome, systematic sclerosis etc. 

Internal Medicine Disease: rheum, bronchitis, neurasthenic, nephritic syndrome, ache of stomach cold, chronic enteritis, diabetes, high blood fat, low-grade high blood pressure etc. 

Surgical Disease: sequelae of brain trauma, soft tissue injury, psychoneurosis, skin itching, sebaceous dermatitis, dermatomyositis, psoriasis, ichthyosis, adiposity etc. 

(Please use under the guidance of doctor)

Technical features :

1. Large LCD window (LCD size: 132×39mm) 

2. Synchronous supervision of setting value and actual value of the temperature of the cabin. 

3. Synchronous display of setting time and the actual running value. 

4. Display of water height of the pot. 

5. Add water automatically at low water and auto stop at high water level.

6. The patient lay it more comfortable when fumigated. 

7. Several safety design including the patient call button. 

8. We offer the medicinal Formula and referencial books.

Technical parameters :

1. Power supply: 220V /50Hz 

2. Power: ≤2500W 

3. Dimension: 230×98×130cm 

4. Weight: about 156Kg


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