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YQC-3M1/3M Emergency Bed

Used in hospital transport patient.
  • YQC-3M1/3M
  • Red Leaf
  • 94029000

Technical features :

1. The emergency bed is mainly made of steel and aluminum material.

2. It used for transport patients between operating rooms in hospital.

3. The height of the bed can be adjusted freely, the highest is 95cm, the lowest is 60cm.

4. The front and rear angle of the bed can be changed freely, the angle of front is 3°, the angleof rear is 10°;

5. Mat is sewed high density polyethylene coated PVC material, built-in peak sponge. Thickness 100mm.

6. Equipped with I.V. Stand, The length is 90cm.

7. This stretcher adopts hydraulic lifting mechanism, and the backrest angle is adjusted by gas spring.

8. The universal wheels can be adjusted in three positions: the first position: go straight, the second position: universal, the third position: locked.

9. Wheel size: Ø200mm.

   ( It has patent.)

10. YQC-3M/3M1

      High position: 207×79×82cm           Low position: 207×79×51cm

      Packing quantity: 1                           Packing size: 215×84×76cm  


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