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RXPC-600A Cervical Lumbar Vertebra Traction Bed

Applicable to the treatment of cervical lumbar disease Traction.
  • RXPC-600A

  • Red Leaf

  • 94029000

   This bed is three dimensional Lumbar Traction Bed, The traction force, traction time, traction mode, raising angle and swinging angle are all controlled by micro-computer. LCD window display and motor driven are  intellectualized fully. The raising angle and swinging angle apply rotary code to getting more accurate angle. It has reliable effect especially for the calibration and recover of posterior small joint dislocation.At clinical practise, longitudinal, angled and swing traction can be used separately or combinedly. When tracting longitudinally, it can carry on swinging traction and angled traction (when lying on back, it can carry on negative traction). Simultaneously it can over come the insufficience of single traction and fulfill 3-D traction. 

   Applicable to the treatment of every kind of lumbar vertebra disease Traction. Like lumbar vertebra illness: lumbar disc projection, denaturation confusion, strain, dislocation & in-complete paraplegia & hemiplegia complicated symptoms. (According to the disease status, it could take resupine or prostrate traction.)

(Please use under the guidance of doctor)

Technical features :

1. Two kind of operation method: one is operated on computer, another one is operated through touch screen

2. 20 kinds of therapy methods memory 

3. Auto compensatory function of traction force 

4. 8 kinds of different traction mode  (continuous mode, intermittent mode, stepwise mode) 

5. Synchronous supervision of setting value and actual value 

6. Several design (Max traction force 999N, the patient’s quick reset button, operator quick reset button) 

Technical parameters :

1. Power supply: 220V/50Hz

2. Power: ≤1000W

3. Sizes:  main machine: 220×50×73cm               auxiliary machine: 56×105×110cm

4. Weight: about 190Kg


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