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REC-5010 Anti-bedsore cushion

Vacuum stretcher is used to transport frautures and severe wounded patients.
  • REC-5010
  • Red Leaf
  • 94029000

Technical features :

  1. The cushion is made of PVC waterproof fabric, which is easy to clean, comfortable and breathable,

    and does not affect the sleep of bedridden people;

  2. Nylon PU bedspread is lined with cotton fabric and fully surrounded by zipper bedspread;

  3. Double tube fluctuation and alternating circulation of air chamber can provide uninterrupted

    massage to prevent bedsores;

  4. The cushion is used for the patient's family and caregivers reduces the pressure of long-term care

    and workload of turning over. It is suitable for bed patients to prevent and treat bedsores.

  5. Unfolded Size: 220 x 86 x 12.8cm ; Packing Quantity: 1; Packing Size: 52 x 29 x 34cm.


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