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YDC-6A1 Vacuum mattress stretcher adult

Vacuum stretcher is used to transport frautures and severe wounded patients.
  • YDC-6A1

  • Red Leaf

  • 94029000

Technical features :

1. The design of this stretcher mainly considers lifting the injured person to prevent them from being squeezed

and causing secondary injury.

2. Adopts high quality and durable TPU material. Filled with harmless EPS particulate material.

3. The stretcher is molded according to the human body shape, and it can be used in X-rays and CT scan.

4. Paramedic can use an air pump to generate vacuum and negative pressure to adjust the softness and hardness

of the stretcher according to the severity of the injury, which is simple and fast.

5. The stretcher is designed with light weight. It is foldable after deflation and it's easy to carry.

6. YDC-6A1 is equipped with four handles on both sides.

7. Unfolded Size: 204 x 104 x 7cm

    Packing Quantity: 1

    Packing Size: 95 x 60 x 28cm


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