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RAS-02 Inflatable Anti-shock Trousers

  • RAS-02

  • Red Leaf

  • 94029000

   Used for the rescue of patients with hypohemolytic shock caused by various reasons. By applying wrapping pressure to the abdomen and lower limbs of shock patients, the limited blood in the body is optimally distributed, ensuring blood supply to important organs such as the heart and brain, maintaining effective central venous pressure, and preventing and treating severe hemorrhagic shock. In addition, wrapping around the wound site can prevent active bleeding after trauma and also have a fixation effect on pelvic, femoral, and lower limb fractures.

Technical features :

1. Adopting a three-airbag independent deflation structure, it can be charged and deflated separately, which is convenient to control and also displays the pressure separately, making it intuitive and clear. The airbag is formed in one go, with good air-tightness and reliability;

2. Wrapping and pressurizing only takes 1-2 minutes, which can transfer 600-1000mL of blood to important organs;

3. The inflatable anti-shock pants are suitable for Chinese people's body shape, and the abdomen and legs can be quickly tightened according to the rescued patient's body shape. The pants are made of high-strength composite materials, which are tear resistant;

4. Quick insertion and docking of inflation pipeline, with good air-tightness and firmness; Pedal inflation and pressurization, without the need for electrical protection, suitable for use in any situation.


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