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CC-01 Adult/ Pediatric Adjustable Neck Cervical Collar

4 Gears Medical Therapy Neck Collar Cervical Traction Support Brace Stretcher collarin cervical neck relax Neck traction.
  • CC-01

  • Red Leaf

  • 94029000

Technical features :

1. The design of the neck fixation is applicable to most patients.

2. Designed with hole on throat position, it is convenient for the treatment  of throat and trachea.

3. The height with several levels.

4. Non-latex, non-toxic, low allergic.

5. Made of special material, allowing X-ray, CT and MRI scan.

6.  CC-01(For Adult)                                                           CC-01(For Child)

    Unfolded Size: 56 x 19 x 1cm                                           Unfolded Size: 45 x 14 x 1cm

    Packing Quantity: 40                                                         Packing Quantity: 40

    Packing Size: 59 x 42 x 35cm                                           Packing Size: 52 x 35 x 26cm


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