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YZ-06 Four-direction cervical vertebra traction system

 It's used for cervical vertebra traction. 
  • YZ-06

  • Red Leaf

  • 94029000

Technical features :

This system is controlled by micro-computer with LCD screen, the traction can be in four direction at the same time, changing the defect on treat that the cervical vertebra chair before only can tract up and down. The cervical vertebra have been increased the tepid device that can resolve the defect being difficult to be loosened by muscle ligamentum when doing cervical vertebra traction in the past. which makes the patient especially comfortable when doing traction. It's used for cervical vertebra traction. As traumatic neck vertebra fracture, neck vertebra disorder and dislocation, incomplete paraplegia, hemiplegia complicated symptoms, vertebra dizzienessand headache, unusual blood pressure, sight and language abstacles.

Contraindications: tumor in backbone, serious heart disease, serious diabetes, bone loosen, skin disrepair, pregnant women etc.

Advice: before using this system, the lumbar patient should have X-ray or CT checked for doctor’s examination. 

(Please use under the guidanceof doctor)

Invention Patients: 200820141803.2

Technical parameters :

1. Power supply: AC220V/50Hz

2. Power: 450W

3. Sizes: main machine: 140×90×230cm

4. Weight: about 180kg


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