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YDC-4B02 Aluminum Scoop Stretcher

Used to transport fractures and severe wounded patient.
  • YDC-4B02

  • Red Leaf

  • 94029000

Technical features:

1. Adopts separable structure. Used to transport fractures and severe wounded patient.

2. There are clutch device on both ends which can separate the stretcher into left and right two parts.

3. The stretcher can immobilize the wounded patient without moving them, preventing further damage

    to the wounded person.

4. Quickly shovel the patient into the stretcher or take out the stretcher from the wounded back without

    moving them.

5. Stretcher length can be adjusted in three positions according to the height of the patient.

6. The foot-end of the stretcher adopts narrow frame structure.

7. YDC-4B02 can be used together with head immobilizer.

8. YDC-4B02 adopt high-strength engineering plastics, anti-impact and durable for use.

9. Unfolded Size: 200 x 42 x 7cm ; Packing Quantity: 1 ; Packing Size: 172 x 45 x 7cm.


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