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YDC-3E Ambulance Folding Stretcher

Used in hospital or emergency center to transport patient.
  • YDC-3E

  • Red Leaf

  • 94029000

Technical features:

1. The main material is high-strength aluminum alloy.

2. This stretcher can pass small lifts and narrow space. The length is adjustable, length 

    adjustment adopts bayonet type synchronous folding mechanism.

3. The guardrail using polymer plastics, with adjustable structure and shoulder belts.

4. It also equipped with a three-stage IV stand, the highest length is 80cm.

5. The mattress is made of wear-resistant mesh cloth, concave shape, with a thickness of 

    10cm and disposable welding, flame retardant and waterproof.

6. The overall height can be adjusted in 8 positions. The highest loading height is 73cm.

7. More than two medical staff are needed to lift up the stretcher onto the ambulance car.

8. Wheel size: Ø150mm.

9.  Unfolded Size: 205 x 58 x 95cm (High position)           205 x 58 x 30cm (Low position)

     Packing Quantity: 1

     Packing Size: 209 x 62 x 50cm


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