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Reanibex 700

It's a portable, lightweight Monitor/Defibrillator designed to carry out advanced monitoring and resuscitation functions. It offers four operating modes: Monitor, Manual Defibrillator, Automated Defibrillator (optional) and Noninvasive Transcutaneous Pacing (optional).
  • Reanibex 700

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  • 94029000

Reanibex 700 Features :

1. Biphasic technology.

2. Control of the defibrillator and the printer from the paddles.

3. Integrated paediatrics paddles.

4. Operates from the mains (AC), from a vehicle battery (DC) and with its internal battery.

5. Autotest when switched on and during operation.

6. Simple and intuitive.

7. AED ( optional).

8. Non invasive pacing (optional).

9. Pulse Oxymety SpO2(optional).

10. NIBP(optional)

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