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RSW-650 Ultrashort Wave Therapy Apparatus

  • RSW-650
  • Red Leaf
  • 94029000

Features :

1. Ultrashort low frequency therapy apparatus uses high frequency electric energy of ultrashort wave.

2. Used for the treatment of human muscles, as pain relief, spasmolysis and pain relief, suitable for adjuvant treatment of various parts of the human body’s five senses.

3. Treatment electronic timing, sound and light prompting;

4. Output first return to zero protection settings.

5. Arc electrodes are equipped with three specifications: large, medium and small, and small electrodes are used.

6. The convex arc surface is used to facilitate the treatment of various parts of the five senses.

Specification :

1. Output powder: 50W±20%

2. Powder: AC220V, 50Hz

3. Input powder: 150VA

4. Work time: Continuous work 4 hours

5. Temperature: 5℃~40℃,Humidity≤80%



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