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RAW-12 Air Wave Pressure Therapy Apparatus

  • RAW-12
  • Red Leaf
  • 94029000

Product Introduction

Through the orderly inflation and deflation of the multi-chamber airbag, the limbs and tissues are squeezed evenly and orderly, play the role of promoting blood and lymph circulation. Prevent muscle fibrosis through massage and strengthen the oxygen content of the limbs.


1. Power supply: AC220V, 60Hz

2. Operation display mode: 7-inch color touch screen

3. Number of channels: physical dual channel or single channel(dual channels can be connected to two independent treatment airbags at the same time)

4. Support air bag channel: 4 cavities, 6 cavities, 8 cavities, 12 cavities

5. Basic treatment mode: 8 treatment modes

Safety design: emergency stop function button, blood recovery detection

System Composition 

Upper limb airbag     1pc

Lower limb airbag     1pc

Waist airbag              1pc


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