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R-KY-12 Air Wave Pressure Therapy Apparatus

  • R-KY-12

  • Red Leaf

  • 94029000

Product Introduction

    The compression physiotherapy equipment for limbs inflates, compresses, and deflates the cavity inflatable air bag in a rhythmic manner through the air pump. Intermittent pneumatic pressure is used to form the circulating pressure from the distal end of the limb to the proximal limb tissue. Thelimb is repeatedly pressurized and then depressurized to promote the return of blood and lymph in the vein, reduce the pressure in the limb tissue, speed up blood flow, and reduce blood stasis, It is helpful to prevent the formation of deep vein thrombosis.


  1. Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz

  2. Operation display mode: 7-inch color touch screen

  3. Number of channels: physical dual channel or single channel(dual channels can be connected to two independent treatment airbagsat the same time)

  4. Support air bag channel:  6 cavities, 8 cavities, 12 cavities

  5. Basic treatment mode: 8 treatment modes

  6. Safety design: emergency stop function button


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