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PF-04-02 Hydraulic Cushioning Stretcher Platform

The platform support the ambulance stretcher loading to vehicle.
  • PF-04-02

  • Red Leaf

  • 94029000

Technical features :

1. The stretcher platform adopts an electric hydraulic shock absorption system, which can control the functions

of raising, lowering, tilting forward, tilting backward, shock absorption, and extending the base surface

downward through the operation panel;

2. Stretcher platform can meet different needs of the rescue process, such as shock absorption, angle change,

and height change;

3. The stretcher can be combined with the stretcher platform to automatically load patients onto the vehicle;

4. The forward and backward tilt functions can adjust the required body position according to the injured part

of the patient, and minimize secondary injuries to the patient during transportation;

5. When using shock absorption mode, it can reduce the aggravation of damage to patients caused by road

vibration and bumps;

6. The downward stretching function of the stretcher platform surface can achieve the use of ambulances with

high ground clearance in the carriage, in order to facilitate the smooth boarding of the ambulance stretcher;

7. Supports use on ambulances with elevated carriages (not exceeding 120cm of carriage floor height);

The main structure of the stretcher platform is made of high-strength aluminum alloy material;

8. The stretcher platform can tilt forward and backward, with shock absorption and a stretcher sliding extension

of 200cm;

9. Support DC power supply of 12V (automotive power supply).

10. Unfolded size: 227 × 61 × 45cm

    Packing quantity: 1

    Packing size: 237 × 71 × 60cm


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