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NP-320 Negative Pressure Isolation Chamber

Medical Epidemic Prevention Supply
  • NP-320

  • Red Leaf

  • 94029000

Technical features:

1. Negative pressure function: the isolation chamber has the function of "negative pressure isolation". The principle of negative pressure isolation is to infect the interior patients with sources, including infectious diseases or suspected sources of contamination such as germs and viruses, should be isolated. Prevent the source of infection of internal patients from spreading to the outside, so that external personnel from contamination;

2. Positive pressure function: The isolation chamber has the function of "positive pressure isolation". The principle of positive pressure isolation is that there is pollution to the external air the sources of contamination, including poison gas, smoke and germs, should be isolated from the outside to prevent internal patients from being infected.

3. The cabin is equipped with 8 sealing covers, the medical staff need use rubber gloves to openthe sealing covers, which is convenient for examination the medicine,food and patients.

4. The oxygen access valve and instrument communication port and infusion tube hole can be connected the sealing covers.

5. Control and monitor the pressure balance inside the cabin.

6. Cabin battery: powered by lithium battery, The duration of the battery is not less than 6 hours.

7. Cabin Size: 197 x 55 x 41cm

    Overall Size: 217 x 60 x 41cm

    Packing Quantity: 1

    Packing Size: 120 x 46 x 30cm


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